My First Art Collection

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Your child’s first paintings – bright and colourful, images that bring so much joy, images to treasure…
We all love our children’s first masterpiece, or is that every piece of artwork they produce? Whatever their age or yours … the examples below are a snapshot of what’s achievable so very easily.

Bring these images to life with your very own wallpaper featuring your offspring’s drawings or paintings. You provide the original, we make a high-resolution digital scan and send the treasured image back to you for safe keeping, we then create the pattern for approval.

The perfect addition to a playroom, bedroom or any room! Sure to delight and inspire your young artist and bring colour and fun to your or their room interior. Just let us know the height and width of the wall you want to cover so that we can advise you of a cost.

We recommend our “Ready pasted” wallpaper for this but are also pleased to offer 28 different textures of paper – samples are available on request. The reference number for the substrate you are interested in is at the bottom of the larger image. Please use this when you contact our experts who can discuss costs, timeline, availability and if you are interested in other possibilities they can also help, samples of the actual paper are available to send to you for approval.

For those of you who do not have a complete wall that you can dedicate to the wallpaper, perhaps you’d like to consider a roller blind or a canvas mounted print of your favourite picture.

Like what you see?

Make a note of the picture code above and fill out our contact form to get in touch with us to order your bespoke wallpaper on one of our many substrate finishes.

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