Peel and stick image instructions

Wallpaper instructions
Your wall image could be printed on peel and stick wallpaper. Being self-adhesive it gives you the freedom to decorate with total ease. A mistake is no problem – you take the panel off and re-apply it without any problem. Choose any one of our designs and select peel and stick wallpaper.

Peel and stick wall images mean you can change the appearance of the space any time you want to – use a bright, cheery image in the spring or summer, a richly coloured image for an inspiring space and maybe even a snow covered landscape for winter in a room with a view! As a student you could change the feel of your accommodation and return it to its original look at the end of term! This works the same for a rented home too – you won’t damage the landlord’s walls and it can really reflect your own personality.

If you want to have a special celebration at home or if there’s a period of time when you want a real change of look in your work space then think peel and stick every time.

To Install Peel and stick images:

All of our wall images, whether they are to be pasted or self-adhesive, peel and stick, are supplied in panels, with a number at the bottom.

When you want to attach the image to the wall, the panels need to be unrolled, laid out and left to rest for at least 5 hours so that they flatten out.

It is absolutely essential that ALL surfaces you want to put the wallpaper on are smooth, flat and without any imperfections caused by dust, grit or flaky remnants. The final finish on any type of wall must be a primer/sealer to ensure maximum adhesion. Any wallpaper will have a slight degree of transparency, so primers other than white may show through slightly, depending on the colours contained within your wallpaper print itself.
The image is printed so that you begin to apply the panels working from left to right. With peel and stick images it’s best if you are working as a pair, so that one person holds the panel and the other helps move it into place.

It is important to keep flattening out any air bubbles on each panel to achieve a smooth, flat surface.

If a panel has been put on a bit crooked, just peel it off and put it on again! That’s the great thing about peel and stick images – there’s always a chance to put mistakes right!
When you finally have all the panels in place and your wall is ready, step back and take a good look.

You will be stunned at the difference you have made in such a relatively short time and you may well want to do it again in another room!

Like what you see?

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