Details of non-woven Wallpaper

Click here to see a page that outlines the product known as non-woven Wallpaper. It has several advantages, many of which are outlined on this page.

Ready-Pasted Wallpaper Hanging Instructions

Please download the PDF here for further information on this.

Wallpaper Hanging Instructions – 2

Please download the PDF here for full information on hanging wallpaper properly.

General Artwork Information

When producing artwork for wallpaper printing, please follow the guidelines below. If you require further information, then give us a call on 01223 833522 and we’ll do all we can to answer your questions.

Software And Format Requirements

Photoshop – TIFF or PSD
Illustrator – EPS, PDF or AI – convert text to curves
InDesign – PDF, JPG with minimal compression

Colour Profiles

When you are preparing the artwork for us, best results are obtained with sRGB. If you send CMYK files, please calibrate with Coated FOGRA 39, Euroscale coated V2, ISO coated V2.


Wallpapers are best printed with a file of between 100dpi and 300 dpi.

Remember… quality results comes from a quality source, so please make your graphic as close in scale to the finished size as possible with a 1% bleed,(If your design artwork is low resolution, or smaller than the final size, we will have to upscale your work and the design will lose definition). So if its 25% full size then up the resolution by 400% so that @ full scale its correct with 100dpi as a minimum.

How To Supply Files

Mail – Send artwork files on CD/DVD together with a colour reference print to us at:
Rutters UK
Unit 6
South Cambs Business Park
Babraham Road
CB22 3JH

Email – Files up to 8Mb maximum can be mailed to us at
Bigger Files – There are now online facilities that enable the transfer of large files. We are aware that for a ‘rush job’ you may need to send a file this way and suggest you use services such as those provided by, and

When supplying files, please ensure folders are correctly named and include a contact name/telephone number. Artwork produced outside of these specifications may result in additional charges and a delay in production.

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