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Peter is a Cambridgeshire-based travel photographer with a desire to continue travelling while searching for unique images which hold the viewers interest. Peter tries to ensure that he looks at a subject from a different perspective to draw the viewer in and keep their interest. He aims to capture beauty in plain sight that most os us miss but when it’s highlighted by his work we can’t help but appreciate what we normally would miss.

Architecture, landscape and still-life are Peter’s subjects of interest and he recently held his first exhibition, “Chase The Light” which was regarded by the public as a success.

Travel being very restricted this year has allowed Peter the time to develop his own website. You can view his website here.

We have selected some of Peter’s images that we feel would beautifully adorn a wall in anyone’s home.

If you would like us to print wallpaper for you using a design by Peter, we have 28 different textures of paper that you can choose from – and samples are available on request. Please take a note of the PW- code at the lower left corner of the large image and then contact us by email stating the code for your enquiry. Let us know the height and width of the wall you want to cover so that we can advise you of a cost.

Please remember that we have 28 different substrates that you can choose for your paper. The reference number for the substrate you are interested in is at the bottom of the larger image. Please use this when you contact our experts who can discuss costs, timeline, availability and if you are interested in other possibilities they can also help.

For those of you who do not have a complete wall but you can dedicate to the wallpaper perhaps you’d like to consider a roller blind or a canvas mounted print to put up your favourite picture?

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Make a note of the picture code above and fill out our contact form to get in touch with us to order your bespoke wallpaper on one of our many substrate finishes.

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