Our Tweets

We regularly tweet the work we have been doing.
Here are our recent wallpaper tweets:

installed today by the team @rutteruk for @SaffronBS just off the #marketsquare these #directtomedia #dibond #graphic panels certainly brighten the room, to find out how we can help you @SaffronBID with your #shop or #retail area call the team https://t.co/Nc4WnUGWnp https://t.co/x1eiUAMHfi Ruttersuk photo

@Ruttersuk⁩ another #sewing task today - well done Adam - a pocket hem on a #canvas #backdrop slowly slowly - supplied by ⁦ @atechltd⁩ we are really made up with our new #sewingmachine if your needing a banner ⁦ @SaffronBID⁩ we can now offer sewn or welded hems https://t.co/Rbhk2hlZvg

@Ruttersuk⁩ I hear #beer is in short supply in #GreatChesterford this week so #hop along & try your favourite #brew it’s not too #bitter & admire the #sign@caskaleweek⁩ it’s @wherry nice it pays to support ⁦ @SaffronBID⁩ ⁦ @SaffShopLocalhttps://t.co/OiO441sku6 Ruttersuk photo

@rutteruk our 1st #sewing #translight #hem being sewn today by Adam on the #Matic 827 the leading supplier of #finishing supplied by ⁦ @atechltd⁩ another service to add to our expansion plans - be it ⁦ @CanonUKandIE⁩ or ⁦ @ZUNDUK⁩ we have the premiere tools https://t.co/0w2tUckRdd

@rutteruk this #periodcarpet is being finished off with a nice #serge edge for a @nationaltrust #periodhouse call the team https://t.co/UPsK9GeV3r for all your carpet needs - let us get under your feet https://t.co/0JvdYkuFZn

Printed recently for my local #fishmonger these labels are perfect - make your shop stand out ⁦ @buy_market_fish⁩ ⁦ @BillingsgateCoL⁩ from the competition printed DTM & cut out on our ⁦ @ZUNDUK⁩ cutter call the team to see how we can design and print for you https://t.co/5HFDca6jIg Ruttersuk photo